How to Select a Proper CO2 Laser Engraving Machine?-Teresa

CO2 laser engraving machine has done a good job in non-metals engraving and cutting process. It’s an economical way to start or expand your business by a CO2 laser engraving machine that is outstanding in modern laser industries.CO2 laser engraving machine introduce power platform acrylic and leather

Advantages of CO2 laser engraver

Advantages of CO2 laser engraver can be briefly summarized as the followings:

a.High-quality engraving effect with excellent precision.
b.Easy to start and operate even for a beginner.
c.Affordable and applicable for a range of materials.
d.User-friendly design and beautiful appearance.
e.Safe and efficient working process.

Three steps to choose a CO2 laser engraving machine

1.Decide what materials you want to engrave.

In order to choose a best suitable CO2 laser engraving machine, you should firstly make sure what materials you plan to engrave. Versatile CO2 laser engravers are able to engrave a wide range of non-metal and small range of metals. Such as wood, acrylic, MDF, fabric, rubber, leather, plastic, paper and so forth. If you have decided materials to engrave, then you can choose a CO2 laser engraving machine that excels at that kind of materials. For instance, you can choose a wood laser engraving machine for engraving wood specially.

2.Speak to different CO2 laser engraving machine brands or manufacturers.

There are so various brands and manufacturers in global CO2 laser machine market. Therefore we should do investigations to select a reliable CO2 laser engraving machine manufacturer. Usually big brands are more expensive than some unknown small brands who can also provide decent CO2 laser engraving machines for you if you search carefully. If possible, contact them and communicate with them about the details of the machine.

3.Make a right market positioning.

Consider this step before paying for any CO2 laser engraving machine. Forward-looking and accurate market positioning and judgment on laser engraving products will contribute largely to your business. To do this, you can study what laser engraving crafts are popular and best-selling in current market. And what products will be promising in future market, based on which you can build a clear business idea and select a proper CO2 laser engraving machine.

As for CO2 laser engraving machine price, try to compare the prices from different manufacturers for the wanted machine. Pay more attention to whether the performance and efficiency of the machine are really worth the money you invest.

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What gases are needed for metal laser cutting machines?-lisa

What gases are needed for metal laser cutting machines?-lisa

Metal laser cutting machine is a common metal cutting equipment. When using this equipment, you need to choose different auxiliary gas according to different cutting materials. Let us briefly what gas you will need to use on the metal laser cutting machine. Gas, let’s see…

What gases are required for metal laser cutting machines:

At present, the auxiliary gases commonly used in metal laser cutting machines are oxygen, nitrogen, air and argon.
Laser cutting will generate a large amount of during the cutting. When such high heat is concentrated together, the material at the cutting portion is burned, an oxidation reaction occurs, and the workpiece is easily deformed. Therefore, we need to add some auxiliary gases, commonly used are oxygen, air, nitrogen.
Second, when we need to process stainless steel, we should choose nitrogen. Because nitrogen can prevent the oxidation of the incision, the processed incision will not be black. Choose high purity when choosing nitrogen.
Third, if it is to process carbon steel, it is necessary to choose oxygen. Oxygen mainly plays the role of combustion support, which can speed up the processing speed of the workpiece. Of course, the purity of oxygen should be as high as possible.
Fourth, in some processing that is not very precise, we can also choose oxygen, because the use of oxygen is low, and it also has a great auxiliary effect.
In addition to the above functions, these auxiliary gases have many functions in common. These gases can blow away the slag produced during cutting and protect the lens, preventing the slag from sticking to the lens and extending the life of the lens. Air and nitrogen also have a cooling effect that cools the cutting head.
The above is all of our suggestions how to use the gas on the metal laser cutting machine. I hope this article can help everyone.
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The cutting different effects of fast fiber laser cutter +Karina

                                          The cutting different effects of fast fiber laser cutter

However, different materials have different characteristics, and fast fiber laser cutter is to cut the material by firing the high-temperature melting material.

Therefore, the chemical reaction of laser cutting for different materials is different. So the material is laser process.

When we do laser processing according to the characteristics of different materials, we will get more ideal processing results.

1. Structural steel
Good results are obtain when the material is cut with oxygen. When oxygen is use as the processing gas. The cutting edge is slightly oxidize.

For plates up to 4 mm thick, high pressure cutting can perform with nitrogen as the process gas. In this case, the cutting edge will not oxidize.

For plates with a thickness of 10 mm or more, special plates are use for the laser .And oil is apply to the surface of the work piece during processing to obtain better results.

2. Stainless steel
Cutting stainless steel requires: using oxygen, if the edge oxidation is not tight.

using nitrogen to obtain an oxidize, burr-free edge, no further processing is require.

Coating the oil film on the surface of the board will result in better perforation without sacrificing processing quality.

3. Aluminum alloy tube
With high reflectivity and thermal conductivity, aluminum with a thickness of 6mm or less can cut. Depending on the alloy type and laser capability.

When cut with oxygen, the cutting surface is rough and hard. When nitrogen is use, the cutting surface is smooth.

Pure aluminum is very difficult to cut because of its high purity. And aluminum can only  cut when a “reflective absorption” device is install on the system. Otherwise the reflection will destroy the optical components.

                                                                                To sum up

For the industrialized 21st century, the term laser cutting machine is no longer unfamiliar.

And it has achieve an irreplaceable position in our industrial production field.

With the development of technology, the field of laser cutting is becoming more and more extensive, and more and more materials are available.

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fiber laser cutter

Factors that determine the price of a high power laser cutter +Karina

             High power laser cutter play a very important role in our work, especially for cutting some metal products.


Top brand

There are two brands in the high power laser cutter market.

One is a domestic brand and the other is a foreign brand. Among the two types of brands, the average foreign brands are generally higher than the domestic brands, generally around 70,000 to 100,000.

However, the laser cutting machine products of foreign brands are generally much better than the domestic products. But not all of the foreign products are all produce abroad, only some of the important parts are produce abroad, and then hand over.

Chinese manufacturers processing, whether to choose domestic brands or foreign brands to choose according to their own preferences.

Second, craftsmanship


There are three kinds of use techniques for laser cutting machines.

One is fiber laser. One is vaporization laser.And the other is oxidation laser.

These three laser processes can use to cut objects of different natures. Among the three cutting processes, fiber-optic laser cutting machines are the most expensive and have the highest cutting skills. The cutting process is also the highest, and the price of this type of product is generally around 500,000.

Third, after sales service

The average length of after-sales service of ordinary laser cutting machines is about one year.

But the requirements of different brands of machinery for after-sales service are also different. The longer the general service life is, the more types of after-sales service are included.And the price of machinery is relatively higher.

Above we talked about three factors that affect the price of laser-cut fuselage.

These three factors must be considered in the process of purchasing this laser machine, but in addition to considering three factors.

You need to personally. It is a detail understanding of the laser cutting machine market. And it is also an essential part of bargaining with the merchant if necessary.

Only after considering all of these factors can you purchase a satisfying product.

Of course, in the process of purchasing, we must not use price as our only reference factor.

Quality is also our necessary reference standard. We must not buy some quality and inferior mechanical products for the sake of cheapness. It is very bad. We must try to avoid it.

4000w fiber laser cutting machinery

How to choose fiber laser cutting machine-Jill

How to choose fiber laser cutting machine

How to Choose fiber laser cutting machine?We have some many customers buying cutting machine.But they do not know how to choose?which company?which side we should focus on? choose most expensive one?In this article,we teach u how to choose and adjust the best and most suitable fiber laser cutting machine.

Before purchase fiber laser cutting machinery.we should know about the type of the manufacturing process .When purchase ,it mainly depends on Quality of the laser cutting machine.

 Prestige and Status Of company

Choose fiber laser cutting machine.firstly,When we are searching for a laser cutting machine for your organization. We should first look at the Prestige and Status that company holds and its perception in the customers mind. If our company is in the manufacturing, electronics, or even medical sectors, sooner or later, we will require laser marking for your products and components and the best solution for this is a fiber laser cutting machine. The non-contact fiber laser cutting process is well-known among customers for the reasons like Durability, Readability, High-temperature opposition, Application to various materials, No requirement for lethal inks, solvents, or acids.

Big Brands have the strength of the size of the manufacturers which is one of the factors in the selection of manufacturers. Brand Image is one of those factors which come first and foremost in the mind of the customer. Here customers have to choose wisely because not every Manufacturer with Less Price has the worst Quality and also not every manufacturer with High Price have the Best Quality. So, be sure to spend money on the blade. So they need to think many times before purchasing the machinery.

After and before Sales Service

Choose fiber laser cutting machine.Secondly.After and before Sales Service is vital. for the first time.Any company purchasing the machine always looks for those manufacturer .who has been most Prime and Loyal to its Customers. in light of the fact that if the firm is faithful towards one client than that makes renowned effect.

Productivity of the machine

Choose fiber laser cutting machine.Thirdly,Productivity of the machine is the internal aspect. where customer will look. if he has the better technical knowledge about Laser Cutting Machine. This will definitely add value to his purchasing ability. The main aim of any customer is to have the high productivity at low cost. Customers also look for the Accuracy and Efficiency of the machine and also about machine’s capacity on a per hour basis.

 easy Operations

Choose fiber laser cutting machine.last but not the least,Customer looks for the easy Operations of the machine. Easier the Operations of the machines Simpler will be the decision of purchasing the machinery and from which Manufacturer.


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How to choose a suitable laser for the fiber laser cutter?-Angelina

How to choose a suitable laser for the fiber laser cutter?

Fiber lasers are the core components of the fiber laser cutter and it have a large impact on the cutting performance of laser cutting machines.

When choosing a laser cutting machine, what is the module integration method that needs to consider fiber lasers?

The module composition of the fiber laser is divided into single mode and multimode.

In the cutting application, the focused spot has a great influence on the quality of the cut.

The core of the single mode laser is relatively thin, and the beam quality is better than the multimode.

Its energy distribution is Gaussian with the highest energy density in the middle, and the three-dimensional map is a sharp mountain peak.

The core of a multimode laser is coarser than a single mode.

The energy distribution is smaller than that of a single mode.

The three-dimensional image is an average of a single-mode spot.

The three-dimensional image is an inverted cup.

In terms of the steepness of the edge, the multimode is much steeper than the single mode.

1mm thin plate cutting speed of single mode laser is 20% higher than multimode laser, the visual effect is similar.

However,  starting from 2mm, the speed advantage is gradually reduce. Starting from 3mm, the speed and effect of high power multimode laser are very obvious.

Therefore, the advantage of single mode is suitable for thin plate, and the advantage of multimode is thick plate.

Therefore, we cannot compare single mode and multimode with each other.

They are all a configuration of fiber laser.

It is like a car.

The car is suitable for highway and sports car is suitable for mountain.

However, the car can also run the mountain, the sports car can also run the road.

So the choice of multi-mode or single-mode fiber laser depends on the actual end-user processing needs.


How to determine the laser cutting quality-Wendy from XT Laser

How to determine the laser cutting quality is very important. For laser cutting, evaluation of its processing quality includes the following principles:

1, Cutting smooth, no stripes, no brittle fracture;

Metal laser cutting machine cutting high-speed plate. The molten metal does not appear in the vertical laser beam under the incision. But will be in the laser beam partial posterior discharge. As a result, the curved lines are formed at the cutting edge and the lines closely follow the moving laser beam. In order to correct this problem, the feed rate reduces at the end of the cutting process. And the formation of lines can be substantially eliminated.

2, Kerf narrow width, which is mainly related to the diameter of the laser beam spot size;

Cutting width of the metal laser cutting machine generally does not affect the cutting quality. The cutting width is important only in the formation of a very precise profile inside the part. Because the cutting width determines the minimum internal dimensions of the profile. When the plate thickness increases, cutting width also increases. So you want to ensure that the same high-precision, regardless of the width of the incision. The workpieces in the laser cutting machine processing area should be constant.

3, The vertical slit, heat affected zone is small;

Under normal circumstances, the metal laser cutting machine concentrated in the processing of materials below 5MM. The verticality of the section may not be the most important assessment factor. But for high-power laser cutting, when the thickness of the processed material exceeds 10mm. The cutting edge’s verticality is very important. Moving away from focus, the laser beam becomes divergent. Cutting widening toward the top or bottom depending on the focus’s position. Cutting edge deviation from the vertical line a few millimeters. The more vertical edge, the higher the cutting quality.

4, No material combustion, no melt layer formation, no large slag;

Burrs,are highly abrasive burrs such as clinker. That can not be removed without further processing. Or it can be easily removed without further processing.
Metal laser CNC cutting machine dross reflects in the deposition and the section burr. It’s material deposition is because the laser cutting. Before the start of the melt perforation hit the workpiece surface. Before a layer of oil-containing special liquid. Gasification and a variety of materials without the customer blowing the wind cut. But up or down the discharge will be deposited on the surface. And the formation of burrs determines. Laser cutting quality is a very important factor.  Because the removal of burrs require additional workload. Burr is a difficult indicator of quantification. So the amount of burr and how much to judge by cutting the quality of the naked eye .

Choose a suitable laser marking machine with suitable power-Ethan

With the era of century of laser,we’ll use laser marking machine in many situation.And we need to choose a suitable laser marking machine with suitable power.

1.How to choose a suitable laser marking machine

If you need to mark on metal and engineering plastics, you can choose fiber laser marking machine. If you need to mark on non-metal, CO2 laser marking machine is a good choice. Although the fiber laser marking machine can also mark on non-metal, this kind of printed markings will deviate from the color of the material itself.  And the CO2 laser marking machine will not.

Second, choose the right laser:

The laser is laser laser marking machine’s core component . It mainly have two kinds: domestic and imported. The imported laser has fast marking speed, long service life and low maintenance cost, but its price is much more expensive than domestic laser. Although the domestic laser is a little worse in these aspects, it can already meet the needs of any domestic industry. Therefore, if it is not particularly strict on the marking requirements, it is recommended that you buy a domestic laser. After all, the imported laser also has problems and it is not convenient to repair.

2.How to choose a laser marking machine with suitable power

Firstly, look at what material depth you need to mark:

For example, if you are using a fiber laser marking machine, the power of 20W can only mark 1~2mm on the work piece. If it is outside this range, you need to use a 50W or 100W laser. For example, if you want to use a CO2 laser marking machine to mark deeper marks, you must use a laser of more power.

Then,the speed also has influences,For quicker speed,we need more power

Therefore, if you choose a suitable laser marking machine and choose the right power, you can save money and meet the production needs. Why not!


which materials that fiber laser cutting machine can’t cut?(lisa)

which materials that fiber laser cutting machine can’t cut?(lisa)

cnc fiber laser cutter

Operation cost of carbon steel fiber laser cutting machine

As more and more industries increase the demand for laser cutting equipment, laser cutting equipment will face with new challenges. Especially, the level of requirements for crafts is getting higher and higher, and the upgrading of technology is very important. In some industries where laser cutting machines are not in contact, they have begun to put the fiber laser cutter into use. However, laser cutting machines are not omnipotent, some materials might be not possible.

Many people believe that fiber laser cutting machines can be equipped with different power laser, the cutting range should be very wide, the effect should be much better than other cutting methods. In fact, the cutting machine also can be classified with different types which can cut different materials. What are the mainstream devices in the market?


As we all know that being the mainstream of the cutting machine, fiber laser cutting machine is the best choice to cut the different materials with the advantages of its wide cutting range, fast cutting speed, good cutting effect and maintenance-free in the market. Especially for the cutting of metal materials.

Although fiber laser cutting machines have many excellent features, there are still many materials that cannot cut. What materials cannot cut by fiber laser cutting machines?

First of all, we need to be clear that the fiber laser cutting machine belongs to the category of metal cutting machine, so we use it to process metal. But for the non-metal materials such as cloth, leather, it is not the better choice.

Secondly, the fiber laser cutting machine cannot cut the MDF, include fiberboard, wood fiber, and plant fiber, and some materials with urea-formaldehyde resin and artificial board made of adhesive. Because fiber laser cutting machine is belong to hot-processed. It will cause burning and burn the cutting edge, therefore it fail to meet the perfect cutting requirements. Therefore, these types of materials are currently not process with fiber laser cutting machines.

There are also some highly reflective materials. Since these materials are not within the ideal absorption range of these materials for the laser wavelength. The energy will refect to burn out the protective lens. Therefore, these types of materials are also currently not process with fiber laser cutting machines.


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Single mode and multi mode of fiber laser cutter, how to choose?-Sophia

Single mode and multi mode of fiber laser cutter, how to choose?


The module composition of the fiber laser is divided into single mode and multi mode.

In the cutting application, the focused spot has a great influence on the quality of the cut.

The core of the single mode laser is relatively thin, and the beam quality is better than the multimode.

Its energy distribution is Gaussian with the highest energy density in the middle, and the three-dimensional map is a sharp mountain peak.

From the perspective of power level, the laser of 1000W or less is mainly due to its low energy.

And the thickness of the main processing material mainly toward the thin plate.

Therefore, the single-mode configuration of the laser within 1KW is in line with the actual market conditions.

And the laser with a power of 1KW or more should be thin and thick.

From the perspective of the entire processing industry, the improvement of processing quality is a rigid requirement and cannot be compromised.

Therefore, many high-power lasers will not consider single-mode, and the processing quality must be the first.

At the same time, the single-mode core is generally thin, meaning that transmiting the same power laser  in it.

And the single-mode core has a larger optical energy load, which is a test for materials.

At the same time, when cutting high-reflection materials, the high-intensity reflected light and superimposed the emitted laser.

If the tolerance of the fiber material is insufficient, it will be very easy to “burn the core”, and it is also a challenge to the life of the core material.

Therefore, many laser manufacturers still use multi-mode configurations in the configuration of high-power fiber lasers.


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