Top 5 Differences Between Laser Engraving, Etching, and Marking (lisa)

Top 5 Differences Between Laser Engraving, Etching, and Marking (lisa)

Laser marking

Effect on Materials

Understanding how the laser process works and what effect lasers have on your chosen materials based on the methodology you use is the first step to seeing the differences between laser engraving, etching and marking. Therefor Each of these processes has a unique effect on the material to .

And engraving makes a cone-shaped indentation in the surface of the material. etching produces a high contrast marking on the surface of the material by vaporizing just the surface layer of the material. marking creates high-contrast markings without disrupting the material itself using a method called discoloration.

Cut Depth

Under a microscope, it’s easy to distinguish between laser engraving, laser marking and laser etching work. Each of these laser methodologies correlates with a different range of cut depths for the laser.

Laser engraving removes more material and makes deeper cuts than both laser etching and laser marking. The cone-shaped indentations created in the laser engraving process can achieve deep engraving by passing the laser over the same areas several times. The maximum engraving depth depends on the chosen material, as laser engraving machines have a much easier time cutting through a soft material like graphite versus a metal like stainless steel. The maximum engraving depth for metals is typically around 0.020″, while for softer materials it could be around 0.125″ or 1/8 of an inch.

Laser etching makes much shallower cuts in the material, as the laser simply vaporizes the surface layer of the material. The total depth of laser etchings is typically no more than 0.001″ or one thousandth of an inch, and the material at the surface may melts and expands which leaves a raised etching rather than an indentation. Laser marking heats the material and causes the oxidation of sub-surface material which changes the color of the material and leaves a marking. Because it’s leaving the surface intact, so the cut depth is essentially zero.

Laser Power

How do markers and engravers achieve different cut depths and effects using the same laser machines? Laser engraving machines are controlled by special software that allows the users to change the laser settings. Everything from the laser’s speed of movement to the number of passes the laser makes over the chosen material can be customized. To switch between laser engraving, etching and marking, laser experts change the power setting on the laser.

Laser engraving makes the deepest cut and actually vaporizes the material in its way. Effectively laser engraving requires the use of a high-heat laser, and engravers will often dial their laser’s power up to the maximum setting to get the best results, especially when using a robust material like anodized aluminum or stainless steel.

Laser etching also uses high heat to melt the surface of the material, producing a slightly raised etching pattern of your choosing.

Laser marking is achieved by moving a low-powered laser beam slowly across the surface of the material, discoloring the surface of the material and leaving the chosen mark. A low-powered laser generates just enough heat to oxidize the material under the surface and turn it black, creating distinct, high-contrast markings that are easy to identify.


Whether you’re creating an art project for sale or applying a legally required traceability marking to a jet propeller or a life-saving medical device, chances are that you want your laser markings to last for a long time. Frankly that’s just one of the reasons why it’s important to choose a laser marking methodology that matches your intended purpose.

Laser engraving is an ideal method for marking parts and items. If etch a design into some jewelry, it will fade quickly if the piece is touched often because the depth is just 0.001 inches. Laser engraving’s deeper cuts are ideal for creating long-lasting markings on a variety of materials. Therefore we don’t suggest it for safety-critical parts, as the engraving process can damage or structurally compromise the engraved part.

In one word,Laser etched markings are much less durable and mostly appropriate for surfaces.

Which is the most common methodology for making traceability markings on medical devices or aerospace parts. Because the laser marking process simply discolors the surface of the material without melting or vaporizing any of the material.However It preserves the safety and integrity of the parts completely and creates long-lasting, high-contrast markings.


Laser engraving, etching, and marking all have a variety of applications on many different materials.

It’s effective on almost any material of your choosing,. Laser etching affects the surface of materials, altering reflectivity and enhancing contract. The best materials to use with laser etching are bare or anodized aluminum, plated metals, stainless steel, polymers and ceramics. Laser marking is used widely throughout industry to create permanent markings without destroying materials. Lato create UID codes, QR codes, bar codes, and logos for a variety of products.


Laser engraving, etching, and laser marking are all common methods for creating permanent markings. Also there are subtle differences between each of these methodologies that makers and manufacturers should be aware of. Ensuring that they choose the best application for their needs as well as.

Laser engraving creates a cone-shaped indentation in the chosen material using a high-powered laser. The cut depth is typically between 0.020″ and 0.125″. But deeper engravings can achieve by passing the laser over the same area several times. Laser engraving is good for parts that experience wear and tear, but not parts that are critical for safety. Overall, It is excellent for personalizing gifts and keepsake items, and suppor to use on a variety of materials.

However, Laser etching creates shallow markings of 0.001″ . By using a high-powered laser to melt the surface layer of the chosen material. Laser etching is best for low-wear applications, as the shallow markings tend to fade easily over time. Because Hard materials like bare, anodized or plate metal surfaces are the best materials for use in laser etching applications.

Laser marking uses a low-powered and slow-moving laser beam to cause oxidation under the material surface.  And discoloring it and creating a high-contrast marking that is visible on the surface. Normally Laser marking is commonly working for marking parts in the automotive and aerospace industries, as well as medical devices. With long-lasting and don’t compromise the surface of the material when suitable.


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Laser Marking Machine On Coca Cola (Customized Gift)–Anne

Laser Marking Machine On Coca Cola

As we know have many customers buy laser marking machine in laser service.Customized special content for customer.

Today,XT LASER introduce one customized gift on coca cola.

Here are a picture that the customer celebrate birthday for her boyfriend.

laser marking machine

How to stir up? The tools are simple and inexpensive, but they are very careful. First, you need to prepare your laser marking machine, then buy a bottle of Coke, then edit a sweet talk, then show the charm of laser marker technology, and finally show it on Coke, and perfect packaging, to make a small gift with high face value. Because it can be a powerful weapon when you pull your sister at any time.

The original bottle of Coke can also become so intense, if received this gift, there is a feeling of being pulled? Whether you want to get rid of singleness or add a little color to your ordinary life, you can customize such a small gift with the help of all romantic festivals. Applicable to relatives, lover, friends, mentors, birthday, acquaintance, separation and all other scenes

So one small laser marking machine can make more work.You can DIY on cola,also can marking series and name on rings.

One laser marking machine can make the life more energy .

Hope these information can help you expand your work.

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2D laser marking or 3D laser marking—Tony

 2D laser marking or 3D laser marking

When industry come into this new age, laser processing has become a popular processing method. This is must inevitable. Because it is fast, efficient, green and environmentally friendly, this kind of process wins the favor of more and more users certainly.
The common two-dimensional laser marking machine has been widely used in the plane marking of various products. The 3D laser marking machine can realize the research and development of high-quality marking equipment for three-dimensional surface. And it has become a research hot spot and important point for market development.

The differences between 2D laser marking and 3D laser marking:

First, a wider range and finer lighting effects. There are two types marking of 3D machine : front focusing and rear focusing. When the front focusing mode adopts, the main purpose is to achieve a larger marking range. Generally, the X and Y axis deflection lenses is larger, incident laser spots is larger and obtain smaller focusing spots with higher laser beam energy density. So as to meet the standard requirements of a larger area.

Second, the focal length can change to realize three-dimensional marking. Because 3D marking can quickly change the focal length of laser and the position of laser beam. So it is possible to mark curved surfaces that cannot be realized in 2D in the past. After using 3D marking, the cylindrical marking in the light projection range can be completed at one time, greatly improving the processing efficiency. Moreover, the surface shape of many parts of industrial products is not just a plane, so there is really nothing for 2D marking. At this time, 3D marking is easier to realize.

Third, it is more suitable for deep carving. There are inherent defects in traditional 2D marking for deep carving on the surface of objects. The laser focus moves up in the carving process. So the laser energy acting on the actual surface of objects will drop sharply. And it seriously affects the effect and efficiency of deep carving. 3D marking for deep engraving processing does not have the above problems, which not only ensures the effect but also improves the efficiency.

How To Use Rotary Device Of Laser Marking Machine-Anne

How To Use Rotary Device Of Laser Marking Machine

As we know,fiber laser marking machine also can use rotary device.It is mainly for round products,like pipe,rings ect.

However,how to use fiber laser machine rotary parameter.Now XT laser will introduce to you.

1.The workpieces clamp  should be vertical to the chuck.

laser marking machine

2.Then input the text on software

laser marking machine

3.set rotary parameter  Laser-rotate textmark-Para ,actual diameter of work pieces.

laser marking machine

laser marking machine

4.Then test light -mark

laser marking machine

These all step can help you know how to operation laser machine rotary.

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Avoid condensation on the processing head-Max

Avoid condensation on the processing head

If the processing is not normal when the season changes or the temperature changes greatly on the day, according to dew point temperature, it can be checked whether the condensation inside the processing environment occurs.

Use dew point temperature lookup table
Training end users to use the dew point temperature lookup table can effectively reduce the risk of condensation in the laser and processing head environment.
The left side of the table is the current working environment temperature, the top edge is the current working environment humidity. and the intersection temperature of the temperature and humidity parameters is the “dew point temperature” in this environment. That is, any object below this dew point in this environment will have condensation on its surface. Therefore the adjustment principle is as follows:

Dew point temperature lookup table
The way to avoid condensation is to reduce the temperature difference between the laser operating environment and its cooling temperature.

laser growth of fiber laser cutting machine

From the market growth analysing, we can know that the laser market is the fastest growing one in the next five years. And high power fiber laser with kilo watt level will be much more popular. And the lasers have obvious advantages. It is widely used in kind of metal processing industry. Especially it plays an important role in metal processing field in future. That is to say the world of lasers will have a huge demand. Also fiber lasers will maintain a steady growth rate.

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New model of fiber laser marking machine in 2019-Wendy

New model of fiber laser marking machine in 2019

Let us start with the working principle of fiber laser marking machine.

Firstly the laser marking is using a laser beam to get permanent marks on a variety of different material surfaces. And the effect of marking is to expose the deep matter by the evaporation of the surface material.  And it is to “mark” the trace by the chemical and physical reactions of the surface material.  Or it is to burn some of the material by laser energy to achieve the needed patterns and text.

Secondly, there are mainly 7 kinds of laser machines, respectively Lamp pumped YAG laser marking machine, Semiconductor pumped laser marking machine, Fiber laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine, Mopa laser marking machine, UV laser marking machine, Green laser marking machine. Among them, fiber laser marking machine is the most popular one.

Thirdly fiber laser marking machine is to make use of laser beam marking on a variety of different material surface with a permanent mark. And the effect of marking is to expose the deep material through the evaporation of the surface material. Or to “mark” the trace by the physical changes of the surface material caused by the light. Or to burn some parts of the material by light to show the desired pattern , Text, bar code and other graphics.

So now i would like to introduce you one new model of 2018.


It equips with newest laser technology and touch screen. It will extend the using life of laser machine.  And it will become easier to control.

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Good application of Fiber Laser Marking – Alex

Fiber Laser Marking Medical Devices

  • The manufacturing of medical devices is specialize and very rigorous; lives depend on them. A fiber laser marking will last a long time and will not fade through repeated sterilization at high temperatures.
  • With a fiber laser marking system, a large amount of information can be place in a very small area. This makes devices easily and accurately trace. This is important to the well-being of patients if a certain batch of devices should be recall.
  • Medical devices of all sizes and shapes can be laser mark; implants are notoriously oddly shape.


Laser Marking Firearms


Fiber Laser Marking and Engraving of Jewelry

Fiber laser marking machine should be the most popular laser machine on jewelry processing, we can use it both on marking and cutting. We can use any power laser machine on gold, silver, brass and other metal marking. The marking content like picture, pattern, letter, number and so on. Otherway we can use it on deep engraving and thin gold&silver sheet cutting. Now many people use it cut necklace, especally name necelace.

Add one rotary axis for fiber laser marking machine, also we can use it mark rings both inside and outside.

Fiber laser marker’s application in metal industry

Many customers applying into the metal industry ask for the fiber laser marking machine. For example, they mark on the stainless steel, aluminium, carbon steel,brass etc.

In these days,i met with a customer from South Africa on the exhibition. He is a producer of stainless steel products. He sent us a mail  asking for marking on the coated stainless steel. Actually we have met with many customers asking for marking on the coated stainless steel. But he didn’t know whether our machine could mark on it or not. For this coated stainless steel, our machine could mark with no problem. However, this type material is a little different with the stainless steel.

For the coated stainless steel, the minimum we introduce to the customer is 30w. This type machine need remove the surfacing Spray paint firstly, and then do marking on the stainless steel.

Mopa fiber laser marker

Mopa laser is special fiber laser. It can do all work what we did with normal fiber laser. Its main advance is anodized alumium black marking and stainless steel color marking. As its pulse width is adjustable and frequency is big range.

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Why for Medical Equipments Laser Marking is the Best Solution-Angelina

Why for Medical Equipment Laser Marking is the Best Solution

Fiber laser marking is popular in medical equipment industry.

As we know,there are thousands of equipment, devices, and tools in hospitals.

And medical facilities which make it possible for staff and doctors to go about their jobs every day.

Then identifying each one of them and putting them to their purposed use is very important .

Marking safeguards the safety of patients, keeps members of staff accountable, makes it easy for the maintenance team to service medical equipment.

Besides,it helps the procurement department to procure the right equipment and at the right time.

And it keeps the details of the manufacturer.

Laser Marking Machine saves everyone’s time and keeps medical facilities and hospitals running smoothly.

In fact,there are various ways of marking equipment but fiber laser engraver is superior.

And fiber laser marker is the use of laser beams to label equipment, tools, devices, parts and materials.

Unlike stickers and such, laser marking is durable.

Because it never wears out.

It weathers abrasive chemicals, moisture, heat and other harsh conditions known to ruin the other kinds of labelling.

Therefore,seeing  how to brand your company through laser.

In 2013, Food and Drugs Association (FDA) made laser marking of medical equipment mandatory.

So let us checkout the 7 advantages of laser marking for your business.

What’s more ,fiber laser marker can mark on specially prepared plastic surfaces, metallic ones.

But contrary to other forms of labelling, laser marker does not involve any contact.

See how fiber laser marker is helping to the Automotive industry!

Different Laser Marking Machine and Application – Alex

Laser technology is very mature marking technology now, and it is replace more and more traditional printing machine. In AD fields, industry application, handmade fields, homelife fields etc,laser marking machine is becoming necessary.

Different material have different light absorption, so different material need use different wavelength and laser source. Now the common laser marking machine have fiber laser, UV laser, CO2 laser, Green laser and MOPA laser etc. These are what we can see in the market.

  • Fiber laser marking machine

Fiber laser is the most common laser engraving machine in the market. It is 1064nm wavelength and main used on on metal. such as steel, gold, alu, etc. Also it can mark some non-metal like ABS, OVC etc. All plastic need test first then can know whether fiber laser can mark it, even all are ABS, may have different performance.

Fiber laser application is most wide in most fileds, such as jewelry prcessing, kitchen ware logo marking, handmade craft, all kinds industry parts etc. Fiber laser engraver is very mature machine now. All people can learn its operation in one day.

  • Mopa fiber laser marker

Mopa laser is special fiber laser. It can do all work what we did with normal fiber laser. Its main advance is anodized alumium black marking and stainless steel color marking. As its pulse width is adjustable and frequency is big range.

  • Co2 laser marker

Co2 laser marking machine main used on non-metal marking, such as wood, acrylic, leather, PDF etc material. Nearly all laser cutting service shop buy co2 laser first. Also most hand craft shop or ads shop have it.

  • UV laser marker

UV laser is high precision laser marking machine, its main advantae is plastic fields and 3C fileds. Few times we use it on ordinary product as its value is high. Ordinary product can’t support it.

  • Green laser marker

Same with UV laser, Green laser also is high prcesion laser marker and it have special application. UV laser have very good performance on glass marking.


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Choose quality Fiber Laser Engraver Machine – Alex

If your company is in the manufacturing, electronics, or even medical sectors, sooner or later, you will require laser marking for your products and components. The best solution for this is fiber laser engraver machine. The non-contact fiber laser marking process is well-known among customers for the following reasons:

  • Durability
  • High-temperature resistance
  • Application to various materials
  • Use of nontoxic inks, solvents, and acids.

But simply understanding the advantages of fiber lasers is not enough. There are other factors that you need to consider.

Factors for Choosing a Fiber Laser Engraver Machine

The following are parameters you need to keep in mind when choosing a fiber laser engraver machine.

    • Beam Quality: Beam quality is an important parameter, as it affects the laser’s processing capability. The reasons for the importance of beam quality are simple:
      • A laser with better beam quality can remove material much faster, with better resolution, and improved quality.
      • Laser markers with high beam quality can produce a focused optical spot size down to 20 microns.
      • High beam quality lasers are particularly suited for scribing and cutting materials such as silicon, aluminum, and stainless steel.
    • Single or Multi-mode Lasers: There are two types of fiber lasers – single mode and multi-mode. Single mode fiber lasers deliver a narrow, high intensity beam that can be focused down to a spot size as small as 20 microns and are generated within a fiber core of less than 25 microns. This high intensity is ideal for cutting, micro machining, and fine laser marking applications. Multi-mode lasers (also called higher order mode), use fibers with core diameters greater than 25 microns. This results in a beam with a lower intensity and large spot size.Single mode lasers have the best beam quality, while multi-mode lasers allow for the processing of large components.

Mark Resolution

The type of fiber laser engraver machine you choose will determine its mark resolution capabilities. The machine should be able to achieve a sufficient mark size and quality. Fiber laser machines generally consist of 1064nm lasers, which provide resolutions up to 18 microns.

These three basic factors can help you make an informed decision when purchasing a fiber laser marking system for your company.

Of course, nearly all customers will pay more attention on price. In China market, we can find so many different price. After confirmed what kind of machine we need, then we need to choose the best supplier between thousands of supplier.

Next time we will talk how to choose suppliers of fiber laser engraver.


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